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self-directed - liberated - autonomous


Who We Are

Synergy Collective of the Upstate is designed to be a connecting point for families in the Greenville, SC area that align themselves with a self directed, liberated, autonomous mindset for all people, regardless of age.​ We are seeking a collective of renegades, going against the flow of mainstream mindsets, believing that everyone should be free to live, learn, and grow without the use of oppression or coercion.


The desire is for a multicultural and multigenerational community that cares for one another, openly shares their skills and passions to help better each other, and seeks opportunities to make a difference in our city. A primary focus will be on upholding the freedom and rights of our young people by honoring their voice and encouraging them to lead and assert themselves in their city spaces.​


This group will be an evolving collaboration between the people who chose to be involved and consent to the agreements defined by the collective as we grow. We will support a diversity of race, gender, sexual orientation, ability, age, religion, socioeconomic status, and neurocognitive functioning.

What We Offer

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